A special exhibit at the boat show “Interboot” on Lake Constance demonstrated once again how versatile the HATAG FRF film is. After a successfully completed and now continued pilot project on a gas tanker, on authority vessels, ferries and yachts, a fast inflatable boat was now, for the first time, protected with the film after successful tests in May 2023. The Highfield brand RIB is used as a racing boat and is in the water all year round. The multi-layer Hatag FRF silicone-based biofouling protection film provides non-toxic fouling protection. Neither toxins nor microplastic particles are released into the water, as is the case with conventional antifouling paints. The HATAG FRF film is particularly relevant in these specially protected inland waters. The HATAG FRF film on the underwater body of the RIB was applied by the company “Bodensee-Bootsfolierungen”, and the boat was exhibited at the fair.

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