HATAG fouling release Film


The HATAG FRF film is the answer to the vital matter of providing an underwater protective coating which meets the demands of our generation in the fight against the climate change and marine pollution. The non-toxic nature of the product is not affected by the ever-increasing regulations applicable to conventional underwater paints. The HATAG FRF film is therefore an important building block in the ongoing marine protection mechanism.

Fuel Saving and Reduced Emissions

HATAG FRF Fouling Release Film ensures the ongoing maintenance of smooth, drag free underwater surfaces. This results in significant fuel cost savings and emission reductions. In tests, we have already measured up to an 8 to 14% drag reduction. It has been further established that even at five to six knots hull speed, fouling growth is detached from the hulls and falls back into the natural environment.

Cost Savings

The HATAG FRF Release Film is durable and maintain efficiency of operation for several years. This provides huge cost savings not only through a reduced fuel consumption due to reduced drag, but also significantly reduced yard or docking time required for individual units on an ongoing basis. The film is logically easiest to apply on new vessels, prior to launching. Vessels already in operation must of course be docked and cleaned in preparation for the application of HATAG FRF Fouling Release Film to underwater areas. We have a team of specially trained and approved application staff who carry out these tasks professionally, and in a time efficient manner.

Product Disposal

Because the system is of a non-toxic composition, shipyards do not require specialist removal or disposal specialists once the film is removed.