About us

Our Mission

The oceans are the main arteries of the global economy, but at the same time they are also the crucial and central arena in the battle with the climate crisis. Protecting our oceans and preserving functioning oceanic ecosystems is the basis of all our efforts to leave a habitable planet for future generations. Without living oceans, there is no life on earth! Modern shipping has a special responsibility to take the protection of the oceans seriously. This applies to all aspects of shipping operations. We at HATAG Maritime offer the solution for biocide-free underwater coating. Non-toxic and, on top of that, fuel- and therefore also emission- and cost-saving. Find out more on this website!

Future, Now

The underwater hulls of our fleets should be smooth and free of “stowaways” in the form of various biological matter to prevent species from being misplaced from one climate zone to another. But above all, to increase the efficiency of propulsion systems and thus reduce costs and emissions. Using toxic substances for this purpose is not a responsible option. HATAG FRF Fouling Release Film is the solution to this challenge. A biocide-free fouling prevention film specifically designed for permanent application on marine and other maritime structures. HATAG FRF film is robust and durable and provides reliable protection against marine fouling in all underwater environments. This foil does not release toxins into the surrounding water. The effectiveness is DNV certified.

HATAG Maritime

HATAG Maritime GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, has developed the FRF film and other matching products. HATAG Maritime is the manufacturer and distributor of the FRF film. In addition, we research and develop further applications, especially in surface technology in the maritime sector, in order to find ecologically and economically optimal solutions.

Harald Tagsold
HATAG Maritime GmbH was founded in 2016/17 by the entrepreneur Harald Tagsold, who has been working intensively on the topic of alternative and future-oriented coatings in the underwater sector since 2012. As a passionate sailor, Harald Tagsold is also closely connected to the oceans in his private life.

Gregor Koslowski
Gregor Koslowski is a co-partner and responsible for the development and application technology at HATAG Maritime. He is a mechanical engineer specialising in process engineering and was already in charge of research and development for application and process engineering as Project Manager Maritime before joining HATAG Maritime in 2018.