The FRS System. Two Partners, Two Products, One System.

HATAG maritime has developed a joint project with the company GTF Freese in Bremen: The innovative antifouling system FRS-System. This is based on the HATAG Fouling Release Film FRF 630 and the specially developed adhesive primer TEFRO®cor 150 SW-LV from the coating experts at Freese. Through the combination of these two highly developed products, the system offers unbeatable advantages both in application and, of course, in its effect as efficient long-term protection against corrosion and unwanted fouling.

Another valuable advantage for shipping is the fuel saving on a ship coated with the FRS system. This saves significant costs and, of course, C02 emissions.

The coating with the FRS system is permanently robust and made for the tough conditions of commercial shipping. The specially developed primer is one hundred percent matched to the properties of the film. It is solvent-free, epoxy-based, can be applied in just one layer without additional primer and does not require a multi-layer paint structure. Application is therefore extremely simple and time-saving, without the risks of bubbles, cracks or shrinkage.

The epoxy-based adhesive primer provides a highly effective barrier against moisture, as effective protection against corrosion or osmosis, depending on the material of the structure. GTF Freese has been in the surface coating business for 100 years and now, in combination with the HATAG FRF Fouling Release Film, offers the perfect protection system for all areas under water. For commercial vessels, cargo ships and ferries, navigation marks and other maritime structures as well as yachts.

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