Hatag maritime enters into strategic partnership with CFC®CarFilmComponents® for professional application of FRS and FRF films.

CFC®CarFilmComponents® is a medium-sized company that has been dedicated to film technology since 1998. The core competence of this company is in the field of film, and CFC operates an assembly network for film technology at over 120 locations in Germany alone. In most European countries, CFC and its distributors also carry out professional film installations in a wide variety of areas, such as automotive, building, maritime, leisure and advertising technology.

This makes it the ideal partner for HATAG maritime to carry out reliable and high-quality applications of FRF films and the FRS system. And this, thanks to the strong network, at all locations in Germany and Europe.

In addition, the company offers certified training for beginners and professionals with its own “CFC Academy”. Adapted to current market demands, we pass on our many years of experience to our training participants in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

At other locations, HATAG maritime also conducts its own training courses to train qualified and certified applicators.

More information on CFC: www.cfc.de/maritim

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